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2. What is the best age to come?

In theory you can come to the music school at the start of any academic year. We have, however, found that some entry points are better – or more popular – than others.

Because this is a residential project, and very often people are coming a long way from home, we tend to get more applications from the higher end, i.e. S5 and S6, because that’s when people feel they are ready to move.  It is not impossible for students to come into S1, but unusual. Most students – unless they would be going to a Residence anyway – feel that they are not ready to leave home at this point.

We have often found that people who come to us in S2 or S3 actually do very well, as the relationships they are leaving behind may not be as well formed as those of older students. It is often the case that such students make their lifelong friendships here in Plockton.

The nature of Curriculum For Excellence now tends to suggest that S4 is a good entry point as students change from the Broad General Education curriculum to the Senior Phase, when they choose their certificate subjects.

Entry to do S6 alone is common, and usually successful, but so far every single person (and there have been many) who has done that has wished they had come a year earlier to allow them time to settle in to the lifestyle.

Please feel free to contact the Centre Manager to discuss your particular situation.

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