The Centre is part of the Highland Council’s Education, Culture and Sport Service and operates in accordance with the education policies of national government and the local authority. The Director is line managed through the ECS service and is supported by a Steering Group consisting of Council education specialists.

Mike Vass - Centre Manager

Originally from Nairn, Mike Vass is one of the most creative forces on the Scottish music scene. As a musician, composer, producer and arranger, Vass has amassed a body of work that encompasses early appearances as a livewire young fiddler, collaborations with many of the leading voices among today’s Scots and Gaelic tradition bearers, delivering multi-media performances, overseeing critically acclaimed recordings, and scoring for prestigious ensembles.

Rhona Sharp - Administration Assistant

Rhona joined the Centre staff full-time in August 2010. Her background includes working for Scottish Opera, initially in Press and Publicity, then later in a second stint in fundraising and sponsorship, organising corporate events. She was involved in the early stages of development of the globally renowned Tramway in the South Side of Glasgow, a cutting-edge venue that showcases contemporary visual and performing art. Rhona was central to the development of Tramway's education programme.

“The Director and his staff have been a great source of support to me, and I really appreciate it.”
S6 student

“Something I’ll never forget: great people, great gigs, great tutors!”
S6 student
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