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12. What happens if I am successful at audition?

We will inform you by telephone and formal letter that you have been successful in your application, and will offer you a place at NCETM, dependent on the outcome of the Induction week.

You will then be required to attend an Induction week – usually in early June – where you will get the opportunity to experience a little of the music school lifestyle.  At the end of the week, you will have a short interview with the Centre Manager, and will be able to discuss your experiences through the Induction week.  If you have serious reservations about attending NCETM, you will be able to withdraw at this point.  The Centre Manager also retains the right to withdraw the offer of a place following the induction week.

A formal written offer of a place at NCETM will be sent out to you, and you will need to accept in writing.

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