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8. What happens at the auditions?

The audition consists of approximately 15 minutes of playing, followed by a short interview with you, and finally an interview with you and your parent or guardian.

You may play on one or more instruments, and you are encouraged to demonstrate as full a range of your abilities as possible at audition.  Admission will mainly be decided on your performance on your 1st study instrument. 

The audition panel will consist of the Centre Manager, an NCETM tutor in the relevant first study discipline, a senior member of Plockton High School staff, and a senior representative of Highlife Highland, which provides the Highland Council’s instrumental music instruction service.

The section of the interview involving the parent or guardian is intended mainly for the parent to ask questions of the audition panel, although by the time most applicants get to this stage, they have done an advisory visit or attended an Open Weekend, and many of their questions have already been answered.

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