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14. Do I have to move to the Plockton High School Pupil Residence?

All students who live outside the Plockton High School catchment area are expected to be full-time residential students.

For those who are currently students at Plockton High School, most will travel daily. These students use normal school transport in the mornings and an individual arrangement is made with parents regarding travel home after groupwork.  

Students who already go to Plockton High School but who live too far away to travel on a daily basis will be offered a full-time residential place if space permits.  These students will be expected to travel to school using normal school transport on a Monday morning, stay in the Residence for the week, and return home using normal school transport on a Friday afternoon.  They will also be expected to stay in the Residence for Music Weekends (see q15 below).  If parents do not accept this Residential place they will be responsible for the arrangement and cost of transport home after groupwork, and to and from Music Weekends.

You should note that during the week the Residence is also occupied by those students of Plockton High School who live outwith daily travelling distance of the school.  You will be bound by the rules of the Residence, which are available in the Residence handbook, a copy of which can be obtained from the Residence Manager. 

The implications of the residential aspect of music school life should not be underestimated.  The communal nature of residence life can be difficult to adjust to, and you and your parents are urged to give this matter the most serious consideration before submitting an application.  Getting a feel for Residence life is one of the most important aspects of attendance at either the Open Weekend, or Advisory audition, and we strongly recommend to all applicants that they take the opportunity of attending one or the other.

If you have any questions on any aspect of Residence life, please call Mrs Shona McGuinness, Residence Manager, on 01599 544249.

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