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13. Do I have to go to Plockton High School as well as the Music School?

Yes. You cannot attend the Music School without being a student at Plockton High School.

Plockton High School is a normal comprehensive state secondary school with a roll of just under 300 pupils: The majority of students do not attend the music school. The students of NCETM are completely integrated into school life, and the Centre is widely regarded as an asset to the school. All our students are encouraged to take as full a part in the general life of the school as possible, although in the case of a clash of interests your music activities take precedence.

You should be aware that the life of a music school student is a very busy one. While it is often tempting to try to become involved in a wide range of activities, we would advise students to be realistic and not over-stretch themselves. Music school activities can often lead to a substantial amount of missed school, and the added workload created can be heavy. This is particularly important for those students in S5.

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